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My name is Pamela Marquis, and welcome to my website.  I have a story about the old stock certificate you see here on my website. It began several months ago, when I decided to clean out the garage.  I ran across an old picture frame, and when I went to throw it away, in between the cardboards of this picture frame, this old stock certificate fell out.  I think I must have put it there for safe keeping at sometime throughout the years. I literally just forgot about it. I know that I have had this certificate for quite some time, however I cannot say how it came into my hands other than I must have bought an old book at a yard sale or at a flea market and the certificate was unknowingly hidden inside. after finding it again, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I unfolded it and started looking at it.  I started to notice quite a few details about it, which prompted me to start a search on it. However, the little bit of information I found from the Kentucky Room Request Library confirms that there was indeed a Flat Rock Coal Co that existed in 1984-1985 which was officially registered to a Gus Dale Robbins and Jimmy Pace in Harlan, KY.  The certificate is just very interesting to me, so,  whether there is any real value in it or not is really not the main quest.
I created this website to try and get the public interest involved, especially the Kentucky public and learn more about this particular Certificate (and Edward McQuiad), and to see if others might have similar treasures they are researching. I feel that there is a lot of history in this old stock certificate, and this is where my fellow Kentuckians come in. Any help you can offer to complete this wonderful story is greatly appreciated!
for a better look at the certificate, go to the details page and use the thumbnails for a better view.
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